118 Bar X6 Zürich / 2017 Details

An elongated, elegantly rounded stainless steel element suspended from the ceiling, plus an equipment cabinet. Floating just above floor level and seemingly defying the laws of gravity, the visibly heavy bar also has a shimmering and airy quality thanks to it´s polished surface.

In formal terms, it responds to a similar kitchen element at the Pavillon Le Corbusier on the opposite bank of Lake Zurich, built in 1967 as the last realized design by the famous Swiss architect.

The walls and the furniture, the art and the architecture answer and reinforce one another - a Gesamtkunstwerk in which the dividing lines between applied and fine art, between sculpture and furniture making are blurred beyond recognition.


                                                               Dominikus Müller

                                             in ART AT SWISS RE NEXT

Mythenquai 50, 8030 Zürich

SPUTNIC, DI Norbert Steiner

Auftraggeber: Swiss Re

Wandgestaltung: Heimo Zobernig

Teppich- und Tischgestaltung: Wade Guyton

Fotos: Stefan Altenburger, Francois Halard

Nutzfläche: 263 m2

Planungsbeginn: 10/2015

Fertigstellung: 11/2017


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